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How To Come Up With A Fun Loving Name For Your Dog?

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How To Come Up With A Fun Loving Name For Your Dog

Naming a dog has to be one of the most delightful parts of getting one. It seems not a year goes by without a new book of dog names being published, including ones that specialize, such as a book on Irish names. We have no fewer than six books of names on our bookshelves, including two that were meant for the parents of human babies, not canine ones.

Do you need to keep anything in mind when naming a dog? Yes. Avoid names that sound like common obedience commands. A friend of mine who had worked in Alaska adopted a beautiful husky mix and wanted to name her Sitka, after a place he'd loved visiting. After I pointed out she'd have a hard time telling the difference between "Sitka" and "sit," he named her “Bella” instead.

Keep names short, one or two syllables, and easy to pronounce. I tend to use "people" names for my own pets, but you don't have to limit yourself. Name books are a good start, but don't forget atlases or special dictionaries such as those for foreign words or a book of baseball, railroad, gardening, or music terms, if your interests lie in any of those directions.

Make your puppy love his name as much as you do by making sure that it has a positive association. Never scream your puppy's name at him or use it in punishment. The late dog trainer Job Michael Evans used to recommend making up a song with your dog's name in it and singing to him. Commercial jingles are wonderful for this, he said, because they're catchy and you can put the pet's name in where the product is mentioned.

"You Are My Sunshine" becomes "You Are My Andy" ("you make me happy/because you're gray") and Benjamin gets regaled with the Monty Python, "Spam" song, with Ben substituted for Spam — "Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Wonderful Ben ..."

Yes, it's silly. But try it anyway. You'll both smile. If you have a purebred dog, he'll have a registered name, too. You get 28 letters and spaces with the American Kennel Club to come up with a registered name for your pet. If you choose a name someone else has already chosen, the AKC issues it along with a number to distinguish your dog's name from the others, so unless you want your collie to be the AKC's 897,042th "Lassie," use all those spaces to come up with something sure to be unique.

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