Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How To Prevent From Attacks By Your Very Own Dog?

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Hi friend,
I am not sure about you, but I got bitten by dogs when I was very young, luckily I did not grow up afraid of or hating dogs.

So, today, I would like share some tips on .........

6 Rules You Must Follow To Prevent Dog Attacks

As a general rule, dogs bite because (from the dog's perspective) the person bitten presented a potential threat or was engaging in conduct that the dog found objectionable. Dogs that bite for no apparent reason are most often motivated by their upbringing or training. It is a sad comment in present-day that the pet that was once considered man's best friend is becoming man's enemy. Dog bites are a common problem these days, especially in some countries.

And many of them involve being bitten by the family pet.

To prevent your pooch from biting the hand that feeds him, follow these suggestions:

1. If you are planning to purchase or adopt a dog and you have young children in the house, train the children early how to approach and handle the dog. Dogs that are chased, tormented, or teased in what the kids perceive as fun are the ones that are most likely to attack when they've had enough.

2. Learn to recognize pre-attack body language and stop interacting with your dog immediately, even if you feel that what you are doing is not offensive. Your dog may feel otherwise. Remember, dogs are animals, not people.

3. Don't play aggressive games with your dog. Dogs taught to attack an inanimate object in what is thought to be harmless play will soon transfer what they have learned to living beings.

4. Provide your dog with obedience training when he is young so that he will obey your commands to stop what he is doing in the event he attempts to go after you, another person, or an animal.

5. Unless you really need an attack dog, don't protection-train him. Your dog will scare off potential intruders by barking, so providing him with attack training will be like leaving a loaded gun where anyone can use it.

6. Consider placing a muzzle on your aggressively inclined dog when you are walking him or when he is in other social situations to prevent him from biting someone.

Hey friend, we don't want to be bitten, and with the same understanding, we don't want our dog to attack any innocent people, so be careful with your doggie friends and also, train your dogs.

Ok, till we 'woof' again, love your dog and be a responsible dog owner.


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