Saturday, November 04, 2006

Toy Dog Owners: You Don't Want This To Happen To You!

Puppy Training

Dear friend,
Small dogs or toy dogs are very cute and adorable, and because they are so lovable, they can be spoilt easily.

Toy Dogs: These Small Guys Need A Little Extra Attention

Toy dogs were bred to be companions. In keeping with their ancestors, they continue to perfect the art of being adorable. Playful and affectionate, Toys love the spotlight, and if the end result of a trick session is more attention, they'll be happy to cooperate.

Anyone who has ever shared their life with a small dog will tell you they're adorable, especially when they're puppies. Spoiling them almost seems to go with the territory. After all, their behavior is so miniaturized that's rarely a problem.

However, living the unstructured life, being doted on night and day, is just as harmful for their psyche. The result? What I call Small Dog Syndrome. Sound familiar?

It's easy to neglect any type of training with toy dogs, but owner beware! Without direction they can become quite tyrannical, ruling the house with constant barking and snapping. To get the most from these little guys, train them to do some useful tricks, endearing them to one and all.

So give them proper training when they are still puppies.

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Till we 'woof' again, have fun.


Puppy Training

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