Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Feeding Time For Your Dogs

Yes, I promised I will talk about diet today.
Let's begin.

There are as many different ideas about proper feeding practices as there are breeds of dog. They range from very strict feeding models, which involve feeding the dog a measured amount of the same food at the same time every day, to more freeform feeding practices like leaving food out at all times and giving the dog table scraps.

My friend loves to tell the story of how she used to take her Boston Terrier out for a hamburger every Sunday. :o)

Many dog owners will feed their dog a form of hard food and some wet or canned food. Companies like Eukanuba, Nutro, Science Diet, and Wellness are a few major brand names our vet has recommended for our dogs.

We feed a cup and half of hard kibble to Cocoa and a cup of hard kibble for Tymmie once a day. We have always believed in balance meal, so we feed them with fruit and vegetable too.
Of course, human food shouldn’t be used as a substitute for a high-quality kibble or soft dog food.

Most commercially available dog foods contain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy.
Specialized blends are available for puppies, older dogs, dogs who are overweight, small dogs, and large dogs.

Some veterinarians recommend feeding your dogs at the same time every day, and only after you have eaten. The idea behind feeding the dog second is that your dog needs to know that you are in charge, and that you have a higher rank in the pack than they do.

Treats are important for variety and training purposes. They should be used as a reward when your dog exhibits positive behavior. I give my dogs treats after they have gone outside for potty breaks or when I am teaching them a new trick. Biscuits are great for everyday rewards; richer treats, such as fake bacon or sausage, should be saved for special occasions.

Hm.... lets get something to eat now. ;o)

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