Thursday, March 02, 2006

Have Dog Will Travel Even More and Further

Here it comes for the next tip.

If you are on long distance traveling that requires stopping and staying in a hotel, you should research extensively to find out which hotels allow for pets and which do not before starting the trip.

· Many hotels do not allow dogs since previous guests have abused this opportunity. Be prepared for extra costs and fees for the hotels and motels that do allow pets.
Keep in mind it is assumed and expected that your dog will not be up barking and disturbing the other guest, so be mindful of the kind of dog you have and if his normal behavior is appropriate for hotel arrangements.

If you do decide to let your dog join you on your road trip just know planning should be done in advance.

A well heated or well air-conditioned car would be a good addition to help make your dog comfortable and avoid car sickness.
The dog should be seated in the crate he uses at home to keep your dog safe while in the car. Supplying him with a secure familiar place is a must!

It is essential to plan routine stops along the trip just as you would routinely take your dog out at home.
Planning food stops is also important. Instead of eating in a restaurant it would be wise to stop at a grocery store and buy food for the day, this way you will not have to leave your dog alone in the car.

Ensure that the dog has enough food and water of his own and try not to change his eating schedule too drastically as this could upset the dog and cause sickness.

As long as this road trip is carefully planned you and your dog can have a great time together on the road.

Happy Travelling with Your Dogs.

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