Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Teach Your Dog To Sit and Not Jump On You.

Lets continue with teaching your dog another trick today.

Yeah, lets teaching your dog to Sit.

One of the basic commands that people give their dogs is sit.
It is a short, concise command and it is very useful because it stops the dog from jumping up on people. It is a command to get your dog to cool down when he or she is getting riled up and excited. Another advantage of the sit command is that it is very easy to teach to a puppy.

There are many different ways to train a puppy to sit, including demonstrating the action and even moving him or her into position. However, the easiest way to train a dog to sit down is to use treats, praise, verbal, and hand signals.

We trained Tymmie by using the word “sit” and snapping our fingers and showing our index finger. Training for a puppy does not last more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time but can be done 4 to 5 times throughout the day.

One hand would show the hand signal while the other hand held a treat above her head. By moving the treat, it is possible to get a dog to sit down naturally and then, of course, you have to reward your dog with the promised treat and a lot of praise. That is how I trained Tymmie and now Cocoa.

Start the training:
· By getting a treat in my hand to entice him.
· Once he starts following the treat with his eyes, put it in front of his nose and let her sniff it.
· Move it back and forth in front of his eyes a few times to make sure that she is following it closely with his head.
· Then move your hand, the one holding the treat, back over the top of puppy’s head and towards his neck.

As he began to stretch his neck backwards to reach for the treat, I would say "Sit” and show my index finger. He was almost sitting, and I kept encouraging him by shaking my head and telling him “good boy.”

When I moved the treat a little farther back, Tymmie sat down to reach it. I gave him the treat and told him he was a good boy. I petted him and gave her a big hug and kiss jim. Tymmie loves to be hugged.

I repeated the process a few times, and then had everyone in the family same thing with Tymmie.
Eventually, Tymmie would just sit when anyone said sit. Of course we still had to praise him and pet him when he sat, and occasionally, we would still give him a treat just to reinforce the behavior.

Now, he sits on command and even sits when he meets new people instead of jumping up on them. This surprises many house guests and now Tymmie just needs to teach Cocoa the sit command.

Lets try it out yourself. :o)

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