Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here Are The 6 Steps To Removing Dog Urine From The Carpet!

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Dear friend,
Have you experienced that even how well your doggie friends are toilet trained, they still do make mistake or accident, the worst could be they did it on your carpet, leaving the smell and stain behind.

So, ok, not to worry, today I am going to share with you ...............

6 Steps To Removing Dog Urine From The Carpet

If you have older carpeting or don't know the name of the manufacturer, follow these easy steps to remove urine when your pet has an accident.

1. Blot up the urine as quickly as possible with a dry doth or paper towel.

2. Apply a small amount of diluted detergent solution consisting of 1/4 teaspoon of mild liquid dishwashing detergent and one quart of water, or use a solution of 1/4 cup of vinegar and one quart of water.

3. Press the solution into the urine spot and continue to blot up the excess. Do not rub the urine into the carpet.

4. Rinse the spot with clear water or an odor neutralizer and blot dry.

5. Place paper towels or clean, dry cloths over the area and weight them down. Change the paper towels or cloths as soon as they have become saturated with liquid and apply dry ones. Continue this process until the carpet Is dry.

6. After the spot has dried, brush up the piling and vacuum the area. Be sure the spot is completely dry before walking on it.

So don't scream at your doggie friend when accident happens, just follow the 6 steps illustrated above and you could save the carpet.

Ok, till we 'woof' again, be patient and nice to your loyal friends.


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