Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Housebreaking for Adult Dog - Paper Training

Hi all,
Lets talk about Paper Training for Adult Dog.

Whether you are training a brand new puppy or an older dog, paper training can be done with patience and repetition. The one main idea I have learned through my years of dog training is any old dog can learn a new trick or command.

If you have an older dog that is not making it outside in time to go to the bathroom, begin paper training.
Remember, dogs are extremely smart and intelligent animals, they are also man’s best friend and all they want to do is please their owner.
Paper training a dog can bring you some relief and even your dog!

Having a dog for many years, an owner begins to understand their canine companion as well as their expressions.

Consider how your dog may feel when it can’t understand why when it has to go the bathroom, it just goes! It is not a happy emotion for a dog to feel they have no control over their bladder so as an owner, be understanding and don’t yell.

When this began happening to our friend's dog, Sammy. She would get very upset.
Sammy always had to be clean and when this began, it was more upsetting to see her shake out of fear of getting disciplined for having an accident than anything else.

We were gentle with her and began to place the newspaper around her area so she would understand. When she would have an accident, we would take the newspaper and clean her pee with it and place it in the spot where we wanted her to go to the bathroom.

A good spot is the bathroom.
Lay clean newspaper down all around the floor.

If the dog is small and begins to have an accident, pick them up and place them right on the newspaper in the bathroom.
If the dog is larger, try to lead him into the bathroom where the newspaper is.

The initial shock of peeing inside the home has to wear off for these dogs before any paper training can occur.
Once they understand that going to the bathroom on paper is allowed, then repetition of placing the dog on the paper and positive commands follows.

If you want to make the dog feel more comfortable, buy a toy fire hydrant or a few plastic trees.

Remember, when a dog pees and poops outside, they usually have to find their “spot” to relief themselves; inside on paper they cannot do this.

That's all folk for this posting.

Take care of yourself and your doggie friend.

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