Monday, April 03, 2006

Newspaper For Your Dog ....To Pee, Though He or She Could Read It At The Same Time

Hi, lets talk about a very common housebreaking method for your doggies, that is Paper Training.

One of the most frustrating things about raising a puppy can be the constant accidents. If you live in a city, like I used to, you probably do not have a yard for your little puppy to run around in. This was the situation for me when I got my Maltiese, Tymmie.

I was living in an apartment complex, and there was nowhere where Tymmie could run around on his own. He could really only leave the apartment with me, on a leash.

The noises of the traffic would make Tymmie nervous and sometimes he had accidents while I was gone or at night while I was sleeping.
Because I rarely caught him in the act, I could not tell him what he was doing was wrong.
I could not discipline Tymmie when the accident occurred, I knew that to scold after the fact would be pointless and, possibly, even detrimental to Tymmie's house training.

I had to figure out a way to make the accidents stop, or at least to get Tymmie to use the restroom in one area.

He was still very young, so I knew I had a good chance of paper training as long as I acted quickly. After doing some reading, I heard about paper training and thought that it would be a great way to train a puppy who lived in the city.

By placing newspaper in Tymmie’s pen, I introduced him to the paper. As much as I would have loved to have a dog who actually read the paper; I was happy when he began to pee on it on his own. When he did, I would give him a treat and remove the paper, replacing it immediately.

Tymmie began to use newspaper as his permanent restroom.
Once Tymmie understood the concept, I decided to try to use the newspaper outside of the pen.

· I placed the newspaper down on the floor with a plastic floor mat under it.

· I made sure to spread the newspaper out to try to make sure that Tymmie did not miss. Occasionally, he did miss. When this happened, I did not discipline.

· Remember, if your dog misses, he or she will still think that the paper is being hit and is doing the right thing.

· To yell at your dog, or to scold him or her in anyway, will only confuse your puppy.

When your puppy misses, react as you would if he or she actually hit the paper. Then, immediately clean up to make sure the puppy does not get used to the smell of urine on the floor.
If there is a urine scent on the floor, your puppy will come to think that that is the right place to urinate. You need to make sure that that does not happen or you will never stop steam cleaning your carpets!

As Tymmie got used to going to the bathroom on the paper, I began to move the paper closer and closer to the door of the apartment.

· He got used to the paper moving, I eventually put the paper outside the door.

· When he got used to finding the paper outside the door, and when I got tired of cleaning the hallway while neighbors were walking by, I began to close to door.

· Tymmie would whimper to be let out to the paper. When he did this, I would take him outside so that he could use the restroom outside.

Eventually, Tymmie would whimper at the door to use the restroom and when I opened it, he would run towards the stairs. After he got to this stage, he never had an accident again and I didn’t have to smell puppy pee anymore!

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