Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tools & Supplies For Grooming Your Dog

Dog Grooming

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Optional Tools and Supplies For Grooming Your Dog

Although you can customize your product selection to your type of breed and to specific products you want to use, below is a general list of the kinds of products you will want to consider for stocking your grooming station. The products listed are necessary for the basis of good dog grooming. Optional products are also included for dog owners who want to go the extra mile in grooming their dogs.

The following are eight necessary products essential for grooming your dog:

1. Shampoo for your dog's coat type
2. Coat conditioner for your dog's coat type
3. Petroleum jelly to protect your dog’s eyes and ears
4. Nail coagulant or styptic pencil
5. Medicated ear powder or other ear cleaning liquid such as rubbing alcohol or a product designed for this purpose
6. Eye drops for moistening and cleaning eyes
7. Cotton balls
8. Cotton swabs

The following is a list of optional products for your grooming:

1. Talcum powder for keeping skin wrinkles dry
2. Lanolin or oil based coat spray for sheen
3. Mineral oil for polishing nails
4. Cologne or other scented coat spray

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Dog Grooming

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