Monday, April 10, 2006

Teach Your Dog Words To Tell You When He or She Wants To Pee

Lets teaching your Dog some "Bathroom Words" today..

When Tymmie began understanding words like, stand, sit, down, walk, inside, outside, ok, no and etc so we decided to teach her what Peepee and Poopoo meant

While Tymmie and I would take walks, I would catch myself having conversations with him and my neighbors looking at me very strangely. So during these awkward moments, I began using the words Peepee Poopoo letting Tymmie know it was time to go to the bathroom almost as a cover up so the neighbors didn’t think I had totally gone insane. Then on a walk one day with Tymmie, I used the words and Tymmie found a spot and instantly went!

I was so impressed with him going to the bathroom on demand that we began using other words, while we were in the house, to indicate it was time to go out to the bathroom.

The shorter the word the better the command worked.

There are a number of dogs who like to be involved in every aspect of their owner’s life, including when they have company over and sharing what is happening with them. Tymmie is one of these social butterflies who NEEDS to be involved if not the center of attention. When she begins her fight for attention, I have learned to ignore it since it can occur six times a day and it gets a little old really fast!

Then one day while my friend was visiting, in the middle of our conversation Tymmie said, “Ooooouuuutttt.” I didn’t hear it but my friend swore up and down Tymmie spoke. As we continued with our conversation, Tymmie said it again, opening him mouth very wide and loudly screaming ‘OOOUUTTT!” And then just stared at both of us as he stood by the door waiting to be taken out. My friend and I looked freakily at one another.

Our conclusion, with all the conversing I did with Tymmie as a puppy, he really began understanding what words meant. Besides the typical words for objects like bone or car, he actually learned the words I would use to indicate it was time to go out to the bathroom.

Remember to keep the words short and your tone of voice positive and excited when giving the command.

Some words to try are:

· Out - Seemed like a simple, short word a puppy would understand. At first as a puppy Tymmie wasn’t connecting the word and the motion but as he grew into an adult dog, he slowly began to understand.

· Go – This word worked well since Tymmie understood the motion of running and moving.

· Play – Doesn’t every dog like to play?

· Park – All of Tymmie’s doggy friends were at the park.

See how really smart dogs can be!

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