Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Basic Training for Dogs Part II

Okie, the next command that should be learned is the “come” command.

· The dog should learn to recognize its name as soon as possible, not only for your sake but for the sake of the dog.

· If you see the dog is in trouble, simply calling his name should bring him right back to you.

· This is true for the “come” command also, but it is important to note that although this command is one the dog must understand, it should not be associated with fear.

· When training your dog with the “come” command and his name, try to make the teaching as enjoyable as possible. When he responds correctly, you should commend him with a treat and a petting.

Example: A good way to teach the “come” command is to say it as the dog is on his way to you, or as you are walking away from him.

“Sit” and “stay” are two commands that may take a considerable amount of time to learn.

The “sit” command should be given immediately before you push down on the dog’s backside. When he does sit, pet him and give him a treat. This lets him know that when you give this command, this is what he should do every time. To enforce this command, continue holding down his backside while repeating the command. If the dog tries to get up or walk away you should reinforce the “sit” command until he understands.

After the sit command is mastered, you should move on to the “stay” command. Tell the dog to “sit.” Once he does so, you should back up about two steps and when the dog tries to come forward, you should command “Sit, stay!”

With a little practice, motivation, and much patience training your dog will not take as long as you think.

Remember to be consistent and your dog will learn much faster.

Okie, that's all for today.

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