Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Basic Training for Dogs

Lets talk about the basic training for dogs today.

Basic obedience training is an important part of caring for your dog.
After your dog learns basic commands, life with him will be a breeze.
Until then, it is essential that you work with your dog on a daily basis to learn simple yet helpful commands.

Once your dog masters these commands and learns to come, sit, and stay on command, you will feel confident about taking your dog out in public places without the worry that you will not be able to control him.

Simple basic training should start as soon as you bring the dog home. It is important to remember that puppies have very short attention spans so patience is a virtue.

The most important and usually first command a dog should learn is the “no” command. For this command to be powerful and meaningful, never use the word unless you are willing to put it into effect.

· Never use the command just to use it, where this may lead to confusion. Using the “no!” command properly is the only way to ensure the puppy learns and understands the meaning of the command. Once it’s understood getting the puppy to listen will be much easier.

Example: As the puppy is approaching a piece of furniture to begin to chew, place your hand between the furniture and the puppy and say in a deep voice, “No chew.” Then give the puppy one of their toys to show teething should be done only on its toys and not your furniture.

Okie, that's all for today, we shall continue with the command "come" tomorrow.


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