Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ideas on Making Your Own Dog Toys

Okie, lets make some toys for your dogs today.

My Miniature Schnauzer Cocoa loves his treat ball, which is a hard plastic misshapen ball with a hole on one end.
I drop treats in the hole and Cocoa spends hours spinning and flipping the ball to get the treats out. He has a great system worked out where he holds the toy with his nose and spins it, hole side down, until a treat comes out.

A homemade alternative to this toy can be made with a two-liter soda bottle or a smaller plastic water bottle. Buy small treats or break apart biscuits and drop them into the mouth of the bottle.

For dogs that love to tug, save old tube socks or t-shirts and tie a knot in the middle.
Tube socks with a tennis ball in the end make a great fetch-and-tug toy.

For flying disc-loving dogs, check yard sales and thrift stores for old Frisbees. Your dog couldn’t care less where the toy came from; he only cares that he’s playing with his owner.

My friend one day bought Cocoa a nice new toy. He was so excited to give it to him and Cocoa took it, gave him a kiss, put it down, and ran for an old, ratty, deflated basketball!

Dogs have their own favorite toys, and sometimes, all the toys from the pet store in the world does not make them happy but that old, ratty stuffed animal which is falling apart does.

Lets' save some money and make some DIY toys for your dogs. Be creative!

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