Friday, February 17, 2006

Exercise with your Dog

Exercising with your dog can be both beneficial to you and the dog.

A happy healthy well trained dog is always willing to obey your commands and please.
The trick to this is daily exercise with your companion.
If you have children or at least another dog in the house, it is almost guaranteed that the dog is getting more than enough exercise. :o)

Many dogs, especially small breeds, love to run around the house, jump, and encourage anyone nearby to join in on the fun. Sometimes this act may seem bothersome, but in actuality your dog is enjoying a beneficial workout.

Join in on the fun. Sometimes dogs like a good game of tag around the house.
This keeps your dog happy and you in good condition.
You will find that fun games like hide and go seek will keep the both of you lean and fit. Nonetheless, a daily walk is always a superior alternative to running in circles with your dog.

Most dogs enjoy nice long walks with their owners. It allows them to get out of the house and enjoy nature, and also spend time with their owner. Some dogs are willing to walk just as far if not further than their owners on a nice day. The park is a great place to exercise with your dog and strengthen its endurance.

A few simple props such as balls, bones, and frisbees can lead to hours of fun exercises.

So go exercise with your dog and have fun. :o)

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