Monday, February 27, 2006

My Experience In Socializing My Dog

When I was working to socialize my first dog, my Maltiese, Tymmie, I learned that there were some things to do and some things not to do in the socialization process.

One of the first things I learned is that it is very important to introduce your friends and family to your puppy. Include all people; men, women, children, older people, people of all ethnic backgrounds. Also, introduce your dog to other friendly, well-adjusted, healthy dogs, and even to healthy, dog friendly cats. If possible, take your dog to other environments to make the introductions.

Furthermore, it is important to take your dogs to all kinds of different places, like shopping centers and town parks, so that they can get accustomed to being around crowds of people.
Also, take your dog on frequent short car rides and let him or her get used to seeing the world go by through the window.

Introduce your puppy to all sorts of regular household appliances, like the vacuum cleaner, the television, and the blender. Also, introduce them to things like umbrellas, bags and boxes.

Make sure to get your dog accustomed to the unusual.
For example, you can lay a table on its side, create unique items, and make unusual noises to get your dog habituated to all sorts of bazaar environment.

To avoid problems as your puppy grows older, make sure he or she is accustomed to taking baths and being brushed so that cleaning and grooming will not create nervousness.

It is important, also, to avoid certain behaviors when you are trying to socialize your dog. Do not encourage your dog to be afraid. You may think you are making your dog feel better when you soothe and hold him or her, but you are merely reinforcing their negative behavior.

Do not try to force your dog to socialize; make an effort not to rush things. Frequent, short periods of socialization are better than long, intense, spread out efforts to socialize.

Socializing your puppy from a young age will make him well rounded and easy going and will give you a great pet and companion for years to come.

Happy Dog, Happy You!

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