Saturday, September 30, 2006

3 Great Questions About Dog Food - Question 1

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Hey, quite a number of you asked me about the Dog Food, I have picked 3 most common questions and answering them here.

3 Great Questions About Dog Food

Question 1

“We can't afford those expensive brands of foods at the pet store, What can we buy at the grocery store that will be Ok for our six-month-old retriever pup?”

Good question! And anyone can understand how the price of the super-premium brands sold at pet stores and veterinary clinics can be out of budget, especially with a big dog. Most dogs that are very young will do well on most any brand. They are healthy and their organs are pretty resilient to nutritional insult in the short term.

It is your dog's long-term health that is of concern. If right now you cannot afford one of the super-premium brands, we suggest one of the grocery store premium brands like Cycle Puppy or Alpo. These brands have all been reformulated and are much improved. They will provide your puppy excellent nutrition as long as he is healthy. As your dog gets older, try switching to a formula for older dogs.

Will post the answer to the second question at my next post, so stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend.


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