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How To Test A Puppy From The Litter (Part 2)

Puppy Training

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Learn How To Test A Puppy From The Litter (Part 2)

When deciding on choosing a puppy from the litter, pick one and hold the puppy in three different positions that will make her feel submissive to you and establish you as an authority figure. These are exercises that closely approximate what a mother dog might do to her pup, or what an "alpha" wolf might do to a lesser pack member. They don't hurt, but they do put you temporarily in charge of the puppy's movements, and her reactions will tell you something about her willingness to accept your leadership.

To begin, sit down and pick the puppy (we suggest sitting on the floor just in case she wriggles out of your hands). Hold her in front of your face, being sure to support her completely from beneath the rib cage; don't hold her by the arms or shoulders, or she'll justifiably squeal in protest. Look into her eyes and smile at her. Does she struggle, grumble and whine, or does she hang limply? A dominant puppy will fight to get free, while a submissive one won't offer any resistance at all. (If she fights you, give her a little shake and say "Hey!" or "Ah-ah!" and see whether she calms down or only grows antsier.) A happy medium is a puppy who wriggles a bit at first but then settles down and makes eye contact with you.

Then - provided the puppy is small enough - cradle her on her back in your arms; support her head as if she were a human baby. Look into her eyes and talk pleasantly to her. Again, note whether she kicks and screams, goes limp or something in between.

Finally, place the puppy on the floor and gently roll her onto her side, into "play-dead" position. Use one hand to stroke her head and the other to keep the rest of her body in place; don't pin her to the ground like a wrestler, but do encourage her to stay still and let you pet her. Does she struggle to get up, or does she become a rag doll under your hands? You probably know by now that what you're looking for is something in the middle: a puppy who may thrash around a bit at first but then lies quietly and accepts your authority.

By now you should have a pretty fair idea of how bossy or demure this puppy is going to be. If she's at one extreme of the spectrum or the other, she may very well be more of a challenge to train than you want, unless you're very experienced with dogs of her disposition. If she's somewhere in the middle, she'll probably turn out to be a great puppy for you.

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