Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7 Tips To Help Your Dog To Overcome Anxiety!

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Hi friend,
Is your doggie friend afraid of loud noises like thunder?
Hm.... This is the sign of anxiety.

Yes, your doggie friend does feel Anxiety too.

Today I would like to share with you some tips to help your doggie friend to come this problem.

7 Tips On Helping Your Dog To Overcome Anxiety

Four-legged animals are as inclined to experience stress as their two-legged owners. While your dog won't labor over where his next meal will come from, he may wrestle with his own fears and anxieties. Fear may be associated with a particular person or gender, or a specific situation, such as a visit to the veterinarian's office. Dogs may become anxious when their owners are away, when they hear certain noises such as thunder or fireworks, when a new pet enters the house or an animal companion dies.

Eliminating the cause is the first step in preventing your dog's anxiety attacks. If your dog runs under the bed during a thunderstorm, the source of the stress is clear, but sometimes the cause of the stress is more difficult to determine.

To help a nervous pet, try some of these tension-easing tips.:

1. If your dog has a fear of thunder or fireworks, desensitizing your pet is almost impossible. Instead, provide a place in your home away from windows and doors in which he can wait out the storm and keep a radio on to help drown out the sounds of the thunder or fireworks.

2. If your dog experiences anxiety over a new pet addition to the home, introduce the animals gradually.

3. Dogs may experience stress at being left alone. Consider the option of adopting or purchasing a second dog to keep your existing dog company.

4. If your dog seems anxious when you are away even for short periods of time, leave the television or a radio on.

5. If your dog becomes stressed because you are moving to a new home, take him to your new home before you move in, if possible, and allow him to investigate the surroundings. Give your dog some treats or play with him in the new home so he will associate something positive with the experience.

6. If the appearance of a new baby or new spouse in your home is making your dog anxious, try to keep things as normal as possible. Stick to your dog's regular schedule and give him plenty of attention.

7. If your dog grieves due to the loss of an animal companion, give him plenty of love and affection. After some time passes, consider a new animal playmate.

Ok, that's all for today sharing, folks.
Till we 'woof' again, LOVE YOUR DOG.


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