Monday, September 25, 2006

How Do You Give Pills To A Squirming Puppy?

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Many people told me that they have great headache when their puppy falls sick.
Why? because they find it a BIG challenge in giving pills to their puppy.

So this is my sharing with you today............

How Do You Give Pills To A Squirming Puppy?

The best way to give any pill is to wrap it in a small piece of meat; most puppies eat meat hungrily, and the pills go down easily. I give my puppy a vitamin-mineral supplement that is in powdered form. It is unfortunately rather insoluble, but she doesn't mind, and eats it up easily with her morning meal. If you start this habit with young puppies, they get accustomed to it.

All puppies should get accustomed from an early age to having their mouths opened without biting. Try opening the mouth and popping in a piece of her favorite food, each time commanding the dog to "Open." You will find that your puppy will quickly learn to open her mouth on command, hoping for her favorite food.

You must never try to open a puppy's mouth with your hand on the bottom jaw.

Always place your hand over the top of the muzzle, with your first finger and thumb in the puppy's mouth where the teeth are absent, just behind the large canine tooth when it comes through. Keep the puppy's head up, and stroke its throat until you see it swallow. Always put the puppy to the sit before attempting any medication. Otherwise it might struggle and choke.

Ok, hope you won't find it a challenge again when giving medicine to your doggie friend in the future.

Till we 'woof' again, have a fantastic week ahead.


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