Saturday, September 16, 2006

Here Is Another Game Your Dog Will Love: Racing-To-The-Finish!

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Hi all,
Its weekend. Enjoy yourself.

Here is another game you could play with your doggie friends.


What dog doesn't like to race? The hard part is letting him know where the finish line is. Most dogs know their home, and if they realize that a treat awaits, you can teach them that "go home!" means to race home. Start just a few feet from home, say "go home!" and run with your dog to the house. Give him a treat as soon as you get there. Increase your distance from home gradually, and then race your dog back home.

Your dog is probably faster than you are, so once he knows the game, it might be more fun to teach him to stay while you walk a little closer to home for a head start. Then yell "go home!" and take off! This game can only be played where its safe to have your dog off-lead and no roads are near.

Have fun.


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