Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Check Out These Agility & Coordination Games For Your Puppy!

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Hi all,
Hey, here are some more games you can play with your puppy.

3 Agility & Coordination Puppy Games

1. Open Tunnel:
Use one barrel or tunnel at first, then add two or three more as the puppy learns to move through them. Have a friend pick your puppy up and gently put him in the tunnel while you reach through the other end and coax him to you with a bit of bait or his ball. He will quickly learn to run through it on his own.

2. Closed Tunnel:
Begin as you did with the open tunnel, but hold a sheet up at the end of the tunnel the first couple of times the puppy is sent through. As he reaches you the third or fourth time, let the sheet down. Each time, let the sheet down sooner until he can run through and push the sheet up by himself. Be sure to make sure he is secure each step of the way. Do not let the sheet get tangled around him.

3. The “A-Frame” Game: Put two leashes on the puppy. Get on one side of him and have a friend on the other. Use a piece of food and slowly coax him up and down the A-frame. Most puppies want to go over too fast, so be careful. A person on each side helps ensure that he goes up the middle.

Hm..... that's all for today.
Till we 'woof' again, have fun.


Puppy Training

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