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Is Your Puppy Jumping At You? How To STOP It?

Puppy Training

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Puppy Jumping And How To Prevent It

Puppy training can be taught in many various different forms, and it is especially important to be clear on your vocal training commands. Your little pup may become confused if told the same things that may have different meanings to you. For a great example, let's refer to the command words “OFF” and “DOWN”.

It is important to learn the difference between "OFF!" and "DOWN!." When you get into obedience work, you will use the command "DOWN!" to mean that the pup will lie down. Therefore, while you're working on the problem of jumping up on or at you, don't use the wrong command. Tell Puppy "OFF!" And what if she doesn't? Let's examine why a puppy jumps before we try to eradicate jumping.

Have you ever greeted someone you love and been able to see only that person's ankles? Don't you want to look into the face of your beloved? So does your puppy, so, being very short, it jumps up to see you. The first thing you can do to begin to eradicate the unacceptable jumping is bending or squatting down to greet your puppy. You bend and your puppy doesn't have to jump up to see your face. That's an important beginning.

Second, every time the puppy jumps up on you, take his/her front paws, put him off you firmly, and while you're doing this, say "OFF!" loudly and firmly. If you do this, coupled with the bend-over greeting, while the puppy is still young, you have no need for rougher methods. Remember to pat him and say "Good Puppy" as soon as all four feet are on the floor.

Praise must always follow any attempt by the pup to do what you've demanded, even if the attempt is a pretty casual version of what you have in mind as ideal compliance. Your praise is your puppy's reward for good behavior. However, maybe you have a year-old stubborn-minded dog who has been running your life his way before you read this. You don't need me to tell you that you have a problem!

You're going to have to get rougher than the behavior described above if you want results. I suggest a knee-jerk reaction. When you see your dog coming at you to jump, bring your knee up fast against his chest. At the same time, shout "NO. OFF!" Do this every time. You may even shove with your knee. Knocking the dog down once or twice may be beneficial to it in getting the message across; certainly it'll be beneficial to you in working off some frustrations.

Hm, we have to start training our doggie friend not to jump on us when they are still puppy, else when they grow into a adult dog, then ..................... you can imagine what happens if it is BIG dog.

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Puppy Training

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