Friday, July 14, 2006

Here Are Some More IDeas To Keep Your Dog Busy!

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As promised, here are some more ideas in..........

Keeping Your Dog Busy

Lure Coursing:
Lure coursing is somewhat akin to Greyhound racing but is held in fields with twisting courses over uneven ground. Lure coursing is designed to test a dog's agility, as well as his speed, endurance and prey instinct. The dogs are taught to chase a lure, which is really a plastic bag, and their enthusiasm for the chase is an unforgettable sight. For more information on this sport, contact the American Sight-hound Field Association.

Hunting is as natural as walking to many dogs and by using natural talents they can perform both vigorously and happily and give you physical rewards at the same time. Anyone who has worked with his dogs in the field, whether hunting birds or small game, will tell you that there is nothing as thrilling as watching his dog work the field, fetch game or take a point and hold it. There are many types of competitive events available for hunters and information may be obtained from the AKC on field trials and hunting tests for sporting dogs and field trials for hounds, all at varying levels of competition.

Therapy Dogs:
Therapy dogs are increasing in number by the day. Hospice services, Nursing and convalescent homes, centers for gifted children and even hospitals are opening their doors to visits by therapy dogs. These dogs can be of any age or breed (some organizations request only registered therapy dogs; others welcome any well-behaved and loving pet) and are only expected to be very stable and accept much petting and loving from the residents they are visiting. These dogs can sometimes elicit responses from the ill or handicapped better than nurses, doctors or even family members. Most dogs instinctively realize when a human is suffering some form of handicap.

Visits with a therapy dog may be just the thing that will bring relief or happiness to an otherwise ill or hard-to-reach person, and your joy at seeing your dog relate to these people is more than worth every minute of your time. To find therapy groups near you, inquire your local Kennel Club or organizations dedicated to the needs of nursing-home residents, convalescents and mentally-challenged persons.

Ok, quite a lot of ideas huh..........

Till we 'woof' again, go and do something meaningful with you doggie friend.


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