Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tips On Creating Cheap & Fun Home-Made Toys For Your Dog's Kennel!

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I always like to think of new ideas to make playing with our doggie friends fun.

Here I got some ideas to share with you.........

Create Cheap & Fun Home-Made Toys For Your Dog's Kennel

Rectangular or square, your kennel should be a fun place for the dog. Provide dog-sized toys. Owners of toy breeds might be able to substitute children's toys, but larger breeds need larger toys.

You can construct your own, as we often do, with old broom handles, leather scraps, and bells. Just make sure that all sharp edges are sanded down and that no toy is so small that your dog can swallow it. A simple obstacle course of old tires, a curved board cemented at each end for a nifty bridge, and scratch posts Can occupy many dogs for hours.

Dogs love any hanging object, especially if it makes some kind of noise. Suspend toys and leather scraps (ask for them at a leather shop) from strong ropes. Always use single strand ropes for hanging toys, and never arrange a hanging toy so low or in such a way that a hanging accident might occur. Rope toys suspended by springs make the toy snap back when the dog lets go, and the dog can play fetch alone. Hanging toys with bells attached keep pets fascinated, but make sure the noise does not bother neighbors.

That's all folks, till we 'woof' again, have fun.


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