Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here Are 2 More Games For Puppy-Loving Fun!

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Hi all,
Good day to you.
I believe you had a wonderful weekend.
Sorry for not written yesterday.

Have been pretty busy lately.
Anyway, just to compensate, here are .......

2 Games For Puppy-Loving Fun

1. King of the Hill:
This game can be as much fun for puppies as it is for people. All you have to do is put a leash on your puppy (and a couple of puppy buddies), take a treat and lead him up the ramp to the platform. Let him sniff the entire platform and get used to it, then lead him down another side. Repeat from all directions, then take the leash off and toss a toy onto the platform and watch him figure out the easiest way to get it! Several puppies playing this is a lot of fun to watch.

2. Playhouse:
A playhouse can be used for children and puppies alike. The more inventive you are, the more fun both kids and puppies will have. If you are not handy with a hammer and nails, you can purchase plastic playhouses, or go to a piano shop and get a piano box. The easiest way to familiarize the puppy with the playhouse is to let him follow kids through it, so if you do not have any, borrow some from the neighbors! (This is good socialization for your puppy and the neighbors, and it ensures that they will watch out for your puppy!) You can also hide various toys in the playhouse when puppy is not looking.

Yeap, today's sharing is quite a short one, I am preparing a LONG tips for my next posting, so stay tuned.

Till we 'woof' again, have fun........ :o)


Puppy Training

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