Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Do You Know How Sociable Is Your Dog?

Puppy Training

Hi all,
Have you tried out all the games suggested in the last few posts with your puppies?
Isn't it fun?
Playing with your puppies not only give your puppies (and yourself) an oppotunity to exercise, it also builds a stronger bond between you and your doggie friends.

Ok, anyway, lets begin with today sharing ...........

How Sociable Is Your Puppy?

Do you want to find out how sociable and outgoing your puppy is? Then try this little experiment:

Put a few toys down in the room. Quickly walk away from your puppy and then observe his reaction:

*A favorable response would be the puppy running happily after you, regardless of what else might be occurring. This shows that the puppy highly desires the company of people, a trait that is advantageous. This puppy should be easy to train and should learn to focus well on you instead of distractions.

*An unfavorable response would have the puppy ignoring you and investigating something else, perhaps a toy on the floor or a sound coming from another room. This puppy may not value interaction with humans over his own desire to investigate his surroundings.

He may not be as easy to train as the puppy that values human interaction above all else. A puppy that ignores you in this way may have an unfocused or independent mindset that could be a prelude to dominant behavior.

Lets go and test out your doggie, and see how sociaable is he or she.

Ok, till we 'woof' again, have fun.


Puppy Training

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