Saturday, July 15, 2006

Here Is How You Can Find Out Your Puppy Confidence Level!

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Today I would like to share with you a fun way to find out .............

How Confident Is Your Puppy?

There is a simple way to find out how confident your puppy is. Keep in mind, however, to not perform this test if the puppy is from eight to eleven weeks of age, as this is the "fear imprint stage." During this period, sudden noises or unexpected, scary events can have a profound, lasting effect on him.

Wait until the puppy is not paying attention to you. Then, without him seeing you, drop an object down on the floor. It should be something that will make a fairly loud, sudden noise, perhaps a steel pan or container of some sort. Do not throw it down too close to him. Observe his reaction:

A favorable response would have the puppy showing some caution at first, but quickly recovering and then showing some curiosity toward the object. This puppy is confident, well-adjusted, and does not show irrational fear.

An unfavorable reaction would have the puppy howling and bolting in fear, heading for the farthest corner of the room, perhaps even urinating or defecating. This puppy lacks confidence, and could end up being fearful of unexpected situations or persons. A puppy that reacts in this way could become fear-aggressive.

Lets do this confidence level test for your puppy if he/she is older than 3 months old.

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