Monday, October 02, 2006

3 Great Questions About Dog Food - Question 3

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Dear friends,
Here is the third question of the ...............

3 Great Questions About Dog Food

“I've seen both pet-store foods and grocery-store foods that brag that they are 'all natural' and 'free from added preservatives.' Is this really important or is this just marketing?”

It is mostly marketing, but there is some scientific basis in feeding a food free of preservatives. However, most of these pet-food companies are playing a name game trick on you.

By saying they have "no added preservatives" they are not saying there are no preservatives in the food. They don't add them, but the preservatives have already been added to the raw ingredients before being purchased by the company! Pretty tricky isn't it?

Preservatives are necessary in all pet food. If they didn't have preservatives of some kind, they would spoil on the shelf in a matter of days or even hours. Many so-called "all natural" foods use vitamin E or vitamin C as a preservative.

Ok, that concludes this mini series. Hope you have a better understanding of Dog Food.

Till we 'woof' again, have a good time with you doggie friends.


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