Friday, October 20, 2006

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Adopting A Mature Dog

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Dear friends,
Quite a number of readers wrote in to ask me should they adopt a mature dog. Well, it is a very personal choice, what I would like to help is to list out ................

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Adopting A Mature Dog

There are advantages and disadvantages of adopting a mature dog from a private party or a shelter. Please keep the following tips in mind as you approach dog adoption:

5 Advantages

1. The dog usually is already house-trained.
2. The dog's behavior and personality tend to be stable, and not subject to the changes seen in maturing puppies.
3. The dog is not subject to diseases of puppy-hood.
4. The dog's health record and behavioral history usually are available, and problems may be avoided.
5. The dog's cost, if any, is usually lower than that for a puppy.

3 Disadvantages

1. The dog has already "lost" its human family and may tend to be insecure. Therefore, it requires careful behavioral and emotional guidance.
2. The dog may have behavior problems that are not evident until after several weeks in its new home.
3. The new owners will not benefit from the optimum socialization periods of puppy development.

The above are my personal understanding, ultimately should we adopt a mature dog or purchase a young puppy, this is a personal decision based on individual situation.

Ok, that's all for this sharing. till we 'woof' again, make a wise decision.


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