Monday, October 16, 2006

Do Dogs Have Emotions Part II

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Do Dogs Have Emotions?

Your dog probably doesn't have the ability to imagine how you would feel if he were to soil your bed as revenge for leaving him alone all weekend. And he probably wouldn't chew your favorite shoes as revenge for locking him in the bedroom and keeping him from enjoying that piece of chicken you had last night.

The ability to look into another's psyche to imagine one's emotional response to a planned endeavor is what behaviorists call revenge. Revenge requires a "theory of mind" that dogs do not have.

Dogs see the world from their perspective. That's why arranging their daily lives from their point of view works so well. Not only would it seem strange to understand why you won't give him a dog biscuit before dinner because it would spoil his appetite, but it would seem even more strange if he is seen planning something later that evening to make you feel bad in some way for your stinginess.

Yet we often find ourselves believing that this is exactly what our pet must have done when we discover that he's chewed our best shoes. In reality, our pet's behavior is probably caused by a disruption of his routine, an increased arousal or excitement, or a way to relieve discomfort or frustration.

Now that you understand your dog's emotions, you can go about changing them to create a mood that is incompatible with the mood that drives his misbehavior. The concept is called the principle of competing motivations: A dog cannot be angry, fearful, or depressed and happy or exited at the same time!

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