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How Come My Dog Has Stains Under Her Eyes?

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How Come My Dog Has Stains Under Her Eyes?

Some dogs, especially Poodles, Maltese, and toys whose faces are white, sport darkly stained facial hair along the inside corner of their eyes. The stain is caused by tears, which should collect in the tear ducts but instead flow onto the face. There are several reasons the tear ducts may not be draining all of the tears secreted.

The ducts may be obstructed or too narrow to do their job properly. In some cases, the ducts themselves are properly formed and functional, but the tear flow itself is too excessive. This may be caused by conjunctivitis, allergies, entropion, infection of the Harderian gland, or an infection of the third eyelid.

If you notice a new stain, or a stain that seems to be getting worse, consult your veterinarian; he or she will need to determine the underlying cause of the problem. If an infection is triggering the staining, antibiotics will be prescribed. Surgery may be recommended to remove the third eyelid, increasing the area into which tears can flow.

Home Remedy:

1. Keep the hair clipped close to the face.

2. Mix two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide in twenty teaspoons of lukewarm water. Gently rub some of the solution into the stained hair, taking pains to prevent getting any of it in the eye itself.

3. Carefully rinse with lukewarm water.

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