Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How To Prevent Your Dog From Neighborhood Urine Marking?

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Preventing Neighborhood Urine Marking

A commonly accepted myth among dog owners is that dogs, especially males, have a fundamental need to spread their urine widely in order to be emotionally well adjusted. As a result, the dog is often taken off its own property, to dutifully sprinkle up, down, and across the street.

In addition to methodically despoiling the area's greenery, the owner is allowing the dog to extend its protective feelings beyond its natural home and yard. An aggressive dog consequently begins to defend what the ignorant owner has "taught" it to consider its territory.

This is especially true when 2 dogs of the same household involved both suffer the misfortune of having equally ignorant owners. Each dog tries to protect its own extended boundaries. This type of defensive behavior predominates among males, but also has been noted in females.

When the above urination issues occur, one portion of a remedial program becomes rather obvious: the owner must not allow the dog to "brand" the neighborhood territory. Further, in dogs that are fighters, whenever and wherever they go off their property, it is best not to allow any urinating at all unless 5 or 6 hours have passed and the dog genuinely must urinate.

This avoids one of the most common canine rituals preceding aggression: urine marking.

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