Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where Do You Feed Your Dogs?

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Dear friends,
Where do you feed your dogs?

The Best Place To Feed Your Dog

Where you feed your dog has a lot to do with whether he can sneak off and lay a load. If the dog is in a room, left alone with the food, you'll return and find the accident right away. And if the dog is in the crate, there's even less of a chance that an accident will happen.

But if the dog is eating in the kitchen while you are watching TV in the living room, a quick exit and a quick excretion is much more possible and the "sneak exit" can become patterned in. All of this can be avoided if you feed your pet in a small confined room or in the crate.

If you feed your dog in the presence of other people, he is more likely to focus on you and the others in the room and not eat all of the ration right away. This leads to the nibbler syndrome, which is a disaster when you are trying to get him housebroken.

This behavior also increases the chance that the owner will be there to coax the dog into eating, leading to other types of behavioral difficulties. Others might take pity on the dog and share table scraps, teaching him to focus on the family table rather than the food bowl.

Feed your dog alone in a room or in a crate.

Till we 'woof' again, let your dog enjoy the preferably twice-daily meal in peace.


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