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Guardian Angels: A Dog Story Part II

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Guardian Angels: A Dog Story Part II

The effectiveness of guard dogs cannot be disputed. There are literally thousands of stories of how a dog protected the life or property of its master. Just read this one great example, dating from A.D. 79 and discovered by archaeologists digging through the volcanic ash in the ruins of Pompeii.

During their excavations, the scientists uncovered a dog's body lying across that of a child. The major part of the tale was told by the dog's collar. The dog, whose name was Delta, had saved the life of his owner, the child Severinus, three times.

The first time he had served as a rescue dog, pulling Severinus out of the sea and saving him from drowning.

Later, Delta had fought off four men who were attempting to rob his master.

Then Delta saved Severinus when he was attacked by a wolf when he was in Herculaneum to visit the sacred grove of Diana.

Apparently Delta was again acting as a guard dog when the catastrophe occurred. The heroic dog was trying, once more, to protect his young master by using his own body to shield the boy from the hot ash of the erupting volcano when they were both overcome by the poisonous gases that also spewed forth.

Delta sacrificed everything in a desperate attempt to fulfill the role of guard dog once more.

So, treat your doggie friend well, she is our Best Friend.


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