Saturday, October 28, 2006

Does Your Dog Create Smudges & Streaks On Your Glass Doors?

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Dear doggie lover,
You must have experienced this............

Your Dog Create Smudges & Streaks On Your Glass Doors?

Does your dog enjoy watching the world go by from the glass patio doors? If so, you may have smudges and streaks from his pressing his nose against the glass to get a better view.

Keeping your dog away from doors deprives him of one of the supreme pleasures of an indoor pet, but if you want to keep up with elimination of smudges and streaks, follow some of these 3 suggestions.

1. Compromise with your dog and designate one or two locations as lookout spots. Place objects or plants in the other locations so that your dog cannot access those places.

2. In a spray bottle, mix one part vinegar to three parts water as a glass cleaner and keep it handy. Clean with a lint-free cloth or squeegee dry.

3. To prevent your dog from smudging glass in doors, choose gathered curtains that are held down by a curtain rod at the top and bottom so that he can't get his nose to the glass.

Hey, I have a suggestion, when you doggie peeps out of the window, why not you join her too, and ask someone go out of the house and take a photo of both you and your doggie friend ....... peeping out from the window..... trust me, it is beautiful and cute.

Ok, till we 'woof' again, spend quality and quantity time with your dog, have fun. :o)


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